Clinic Outcomes
We're happy to announce a new page called "
" which highlights clinic-wide results.
These reports should help clinicians assess how their patients respond to a course of ketamine therapy.
Outcomes Page
This page shows the average depression (PHQ-9) survey score for all patients that have completed an initial series.
In addition, the change in the average score for question 9 ("Thoughts that you would be better off dead or of hurting yourself in some way") are displayed as well.
All patients, not just active patients, are used if they have completed the initial treatment series, have a survey before the treatment started, and a survey following treatment.
You can define the length of your initial series in the notifications tab—it defaults to 6 for most clinics.
Outcomes Details Page
This page provides more details for a specific program - show each patient and the survey scores used to compute the average.
Visit the outcomes page and click on the "see data set" link to view the outcome details.