PCL-5 and More Invites
We've added a new survey type: the PTSD Checklist for DSM-5 (or PCL 5). This can be used in addition to the NSESSS scale which we already supported.
Find it along with all the other survey types. If you are interested in making this your primary PTSD survey (instead of NSESSS) please get in touch and we will enable it.
More Invites
After hearing feedback that sending patients invite texts once wasn't enough - we've loosened our rule and now providers can text new patients an invite link once every 24 hours.
Again, providers must get explicit consent from patients before they text each time.
Additional Changes
Better Password Resets
- Some users were trying to reset their passwords with expired or incorrect password reset keys. Our warnings didn't make this clear - going forward we will have more helpful text in letting users know they will need to get a new password reset.
Confusing Transfer Requests
- We now let providers see a record of transfer requests that were accepted or rejected - clearing up confusion when a provider attempted to take action on a transfer after it had already been acted on by another staff member.